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Introducing the new "Weeride Kangaroo "

The revolutionary Child seat that keeps your child where you can see them - right in front of you. See Video below

Rather than the traditional concept of putting your child behind you - this seat provides a safer alternative .

Fitted in just a few minutes - you can now cycle freely - whilst keeping an eye on your child.

  • ADVANTAGES OF "Weeride Kangaroo "
    • You Can speak to your child whilst cycling - unlike rear mounted seats

    • Your child can rest their head down on the table in front of the Weeride - and sleep whilst you do all the hard work.

    • In the event of a fall - you take the weight and keep your child cradled inside your arms

ORDER YOUR "Weeride Kangaroo " NOW

Description: The Ultimate Childrens Bicycle Seat

Price: £69.99

Post and Packing: 5.00

Total Price delivered: 74.99


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